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proven to be quite comfortable and users have liked it very much. You will find this kind of ear bud design on many other Bose’s in-ear headphone products. Therefore, it can be confusing to recognize which headphone is what series since a lot of them are identical, apart from a few minor differences. Right out of the box you will get a carry case which is rectangular in shape and has a zip to open and close.

The cables on the SoundTrue headphones are usual ones with a colour band twisting along its length that makes it look appealing. The colours available are black, white and metallic red. Being so well coloured, the earphones draw immediate attention.

Bose has also gone on step further and provided 3 additional pairs of ear buds in different sizes while maintaining the same overall shape.

If you intend to buy these headphones, make sure you buy the correct version based on the type of your phone. There are two versions available, one for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and one for the Android and Windows Phone devices. The only difference between the versions is the inline controls.
Audio performance and comfort

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We often come across companies trying to sell their product by labelling big, weird names to some of their features. Bose is no exception to that. They have claimed that the SoundTrue in-ear headphones come with what they call “TriPort Technology” which helps in delivering natural sounds with no boosting at any frequency. Many a time, it happens that such bold claims never keep up in actual performance while this is untrue when it comes to Bose headphones. The sound reproduction from these headphones is exceedingly good, considering the price it comes at. Upon using these headphones, many users have commented that they have got a high quality product whose worth is definitely a lot more than £89. These headphones have raked hundreds of “5 star” ratings on Amazon and many other online shopping websites, which is enough proof to show that Bose has lived up to its words.

These in-ear headphones are able to reproduce sound as is without any attenuation or boosting at any frequency. Thus, there is no need to spend time adjusting your equalization software to obtain that flat response you may desire. The sensitivity on these earphones is high although an exact number is unknown because, Bose does not publish a detailed datasheet or I may have failed to find it if they do release one.

One thing that is important about any earphones is the comfort they can provide. Cheap earphones may not be able to fit snugly in your ears. I have even experienced cheap quality plastic that cracks after a few days of use or the ear tips may fall off and tear apart. Bose has a reputation of making high quality audio equipment and it will become apparent when you use these headphones for a few days. They did a good job providing different sizes of ear tips because, one size does not fit all. In order to achieve maximum audio quality from these headphones it is important that you put on an ear tip that fits snugly in to your ears so that it can block external noise effectively.

It is important note that even though the SoundTrue earphones look similar to QuietComfort, this one does not come with active noise cancellation. It was necessary to state this point here since there were many users who went by the looks and failed to realise this fact.

For a relatively low price, Bose SoundTrue is giving us that flat response and great level of comfort, both of which are quite hard to find in the market at such a price point. If you are also interested in over-ear headphones, we have reviewed the SoundTrue Over-ear headphones in the past which also happen to offer great level of comfort and that amazing Bose sound reproduction.